Importance of Tree Lopping

Tree lopping or pruning has various benefits.

Have you ever seen dead branches fallen off a tree posing threat to buildings, people or power lines? Tree Lopping can be very dangerous due to the location of the branches or the size and shape of the tree. To maintain safety it is highly recommended to use the services of an expert to get tree lopping done effectively.

Best Time to conduct Tree Lopping

Other than times of emergency it is best to conduct tree lopping during the fall or winter season that are the dormant seasons. This is to avoid the tree from harm as the tree is least susceptible during these seasons. When tree lopping is done while they are dormant less sap is lost and it is less likely to be damaged by fungus and insects. Always check with the arborists before tree lopping as you may not know that there are some species of trees that require to be lopped at a precise time and use different approaches for tree lopping techniques. This is highly important for the safety of both the person doing the tree lopping and also the tree’s life itself.

Tree Lopping depends on tree growth and structure

Trees lopping is important for various reasons. Tree lopping has a huge role in the way a tree grows and can make the tree grow in a certain combination of branches to channelize the structure of the tree. Non-professional arborists often compromise the structure of the branches and cause improper distribution of the weight of the branches. This could be disastrous for the tree’s strength and life in the long run. If tree lopping is done with a structure in mind it improves the aesthetics of the tree, helping the tree to grow in the desired shape or style. For more about tree landscape design, please visit the link! Tree lopping is a fast emerging art where there are huge world famous gardens that have been established to showcase the art of tree lopping.

How much of Tree Lopping is advisable

Arborists advise not to prune too much. For more about plants that grow under trees, please visit the page!. Scientifically one should never exceed more than 1/4th of the crown of a tree while tree lopping. Trees get most of their energy from this area as the crown area is where most of their leaves are. Again, we would recommend that certified arborists are the answer to become successful at Tree lopping.