How To Deal With A Poisoned Tree

Poisoned Tree
August 10, 2021 0 Comments

A poisoned tree has always been a great mystery to me and I am sure it is still a big mystery to you. How can a poisoned tree recover? When the damage is caused by an insect it can take time for the symptoms to appear, the first response is to try to kill off whatever caused the damage, this can cause the problem to worsen. As with everything in nature it is trial and error to figure out what exactly caused the problem.

What Causes Damage?

Many things can kill a tree, but most of them can be avoided and can be identified before the tree is cut down. For example, some insects can do serious damage to a tree and you can protect the tree by removing them. However, sometimes you need to remove a branch or two just to make room for another one. If the problem was not that severe then a quick spray of wood charcoal will usually save the tree.

Can a Tree Recover?

One of the biggest reasons why a poisoned tree can recover is when it has been exposed to moisture. If you have sprinklers or canisters of water in your yard, you can end up having to remove the grass around the base of the shrub. Sometimes all you need to do is to sweep away all the leaves and dirt and water can run down the tree very quickly. It can often take less than a day to clean up and if you apply the correct amount of water then the tree can recover pretty quickly. This is especially true in the summer when the ground is usually very wet. The best way to remove the excess water is to leave the watering source on the shrub until the next morning and move the watering canister to a safe place.

Another reason why a poisoned tree can recover is if it has had some form of treatment. Tree doctors can often give free medicine to patients who have been affected by a toxic situation. I often deal with clients who have had a dangerous substance found on their tree and have successfully used tree medicine to treat it. This can be a great example of a difficult circumstance where a person has found a great medicine that can recover a dead or dying tree.

Poisoned Tree

What You Can Do

One option that you can take is to dig around the base of the tree to remove any potentially poisonous roots. You should first make sure you are wearing rubber gloves, safety glasses and goggles and use a bucket with a very little amount of wood charcoal in it. If the poison has been applied using a brush or spray, you will need to use wood charcoal too. Once you have removed all the roots, you can then place the bucket inside a plastic garbage can and cover it with more wood charcoal until it is completely saturated with the charcoal. This allows the charcoal to soak into the bucket and allow the oxygen to help disinfect it.

In some cases, you may find that the poison has penetrated through the bark and into the wood of the tree. This can happen if you were to brush against the branch causing a wound that then seeps into the wood and poisons the tree. In this case, you need to carefully remove any dead or decaying material and place it in a bag before removing the poison from it. It is important that you place the bag in a sealed container and not throw the bag away as this can mean that the poison seeps into the soil and contaminates it. If the tree is infected then you may also need to dig it up and treat it with antifreeze.

Poisoned trees can pose a risk to people who are around them or even people who come in contact with it. If the tree is damaged then you may need to remove it and replace it with a new one. The only way to be completely sure you eliminated all risks is to call in a tree removal service.

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